Bibtex Company Ltd. is a multinational company established in 1999 in Serbia, with headquarters in Belgrade. We deal in wholesale and retail not only of furniture fabrics but also in awnings, car fabrics and accessorize for furniture production and reparation. Our factories in Egypt, Turkey, and China offer different types of materials that are carefully crafted by our team of designers.

The materials we import are manufactured exclusively in official Bibtex factories. Therefore, you can be sure that we firmly stand behind the quality and originality of our products. Bibtex Company Ltd. offers different types of materials that can satisfy everyone’s tastes and interiors. That’s one of the missions that we strive for every day.

Our companies produce not only jacquards and micro plushes but also chenilles, printed materials, car cover fabrics, awning materials, nubuck, and artificial leathers. In our wide assortment, you can find upholstery fabrics both for reparation and production of your home furniture, vehicles, cafes, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Our products are inspired by the latest global trends and are available in 11 countries worldwide. Thanks to this fact, we stand out from the crowd from others and successfully last for over two decades. The top quality and professionalism of Bibtex companies speak for themselves.